What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

With climate change, when we try to change our habits and routines it can feel difficult to know where to start. It can be time-consuming, complicated and even overwhelming. We often give up before we’ve really got going – feeling defeated and that our efforts don’t make a difference.

Climate Habits is designed to overcome the barriers people face when trying to act on climate change.

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We help people make sense of the confusing information landscape

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We recognise that change needs to start small, but to feel consequential needs to build to greater impact

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We focus on practical actions and prioritising real-world change. We don’t let uncertainty or alarming headlines knock us off course

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We build tailored plans that are as unique as the people who own them. We know there’s no one-size-fits all.

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We are positive and focus on what’s possible, celebrating success. We are non judgemental and require no prior knowledge.

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We create the time busy people need to focus on making changes to their lifestyle.

How we're different

Climate Habits is not only focussed on providing people with the knowledge they need to take action on climate change, but helps people to adopt the mindset they need to keep making changes to their lifestyle over time.

We know that putting the right digital tools at people’s disposal is important. That’s why we have developed our own Climate Habits web app so people can set goals and track progress. But we also know that apps alone are not enough.

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Group video call

It’s core to our programme that Climate Habits is delivered at work in group sessions over 3 weeks, as this provides people with the time and opportunity to consider their habits and lifestyle.

It also means we can support people to get going, and stay motivated through interaction with a peer group and a Climate Habits coach.

Climate Habits is designed so that anyone who wants to do more to act on climate change can do. Whether someone is just getting going or is looking for more inspiration about action to take, the programme provides relevant information and a framework for making progress.

Our group workshops are positive, supportive and non judgemental where the emphasis is on individual choice and action. To that end, we do not appraise climate-change science, get bogged down with the relative merits of different actions or use carbon-counting as the basis of our methodology. We keep jargon to an absolute minimum and ground our programme in everyday life.

We also think it’s important to foster understanding that everyone has different lifestyles and personal circumstances that will lead to different action plans. Having diverse groups makes the programme insightful and rewarding, leading to fresh perspectives, new ideas and connections at work that go beyond the day job.

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HMRC logo within trees logo“Climate Habits allowed us to trial a new employee benefit for colleagues who wanted to do more about climate change. We had a very positive response. It brought together people from different teams across the country and got them supporting each other to take action on an issue they cared about”

Anne, Head of Environment and Net Zero, HMRC