Benefits of working with Climate Habits

Powerfully demonstrate your commitment to social value, through genuine employee engagement.

Climate Habits Benefits


Social Value

Demonstrate real-world social value in public procurement, or to investors and stakeholders


Employee Engagement

Engage and retain staff with rising expectations about finding purpose and mission at work


Team and Community Building

Bring teams and communities together for purposeful and enjoyable connection


Personalised Programme

Positive, action-focused and personalised programme, not a one-size-fits-all or climate-science training


User-friendly Web App

Secure, user-friendly and accessible technology with no need for new software or downloads


Agile supplier

Short set-up leadtimes. Ability to deploy in small, medium and large organisations. Approved to supply to UK government

Who we've worked with


Department for Work and Pensions

Nuclear Restoration Services

Surrey Research Park



Environmental Change Institute - University of Oxford

What participants say

“The focus on helping to understand and change my own behaviour was useful”

“I feel more confident taking action on climate change as a result of doing Climate Habits”

“Without the focus of the workshops and group chat I probably wouldn’t have taken as much action as I did”

“As a result of Climate Habits I feel more motivated to help reduce my organisation’s climate impact”

“Climate Habits gave me ideas I hadn’t thought of already”


Climate Habits scores 9/10 on ‘I would recommend to a friend or colleague’