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Meet Judith: Founder of Climate Habits

“My journey with Climate Habits started with my own attempts to try and do more to act on climate change.

I was surprised by how hard it was to get clear information, with the lack of join-up, consistency and with confusing language all of its own. I was intrigued when the well-funded apps I downloaded didn’t keep me motivated or give me a sense of meaningful accomplishment. Why didn’t I feel like eco-brands were for me? Or that the news and campaigners made me put my head in the sand?

I’ve spent over 20 years understanding, informing and influencing people as a Communications Director for the UK government, Marketing Director for the charity Tommy’s and brand manager at Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble.

I developed the Climate Habits Programme as I saw that there must be a better way of helping people to act on climate change, that didn’t involve confusing carbon counting, many hours of research and crucially, that could help people to feel positive, stay motivated and make a real difference.”

Judith Porter, Climate Habits Founder


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Our journey

Making sense of the complicated information landscape was the foundation of the programme, but also confirmed the need to provide people with tailored information, with actions people could do easily and others with greater impact that could be achieved in time.

It was also clear that to achieve meaningful results, people would need to stay motivated and be given the time and opportunity to give consideration to their lifestyles. This is why the time set aside at work is fundamental to Climate Habits as is working with positive, non-judgmental coaches, who provide encouragement and accountability.

Our pilot went live at the end of 2022, in a major national employer, with results that showed the theory worked in practice – we were attracting people who wanted to do more, that didn’t necessarily see themselves as ‘eco’ people and who several months after the programme were thinking about their choices and influence in their day-to-day lives.

We’re excited to be rolling-out our programme in 2023, and working with organisations who want to support and engage their people on climate action, alongside their corporate carbon-reduction plans.

If you’d like to find out how we can support you and your people, please drop us a line.

Advisers and associates

Steph Gray, Technology

Steph Gray

Steph has worked in communications and digital products for 20 years, from market research to digital agencies. He founded, grew and sold his agency business, where clients ranged from British Antarctic Survey and Committee on Climate Change to McKinsey and L’Oréal.

He’s a reclaimed woodworker, regular giver-and-taker on zero-waste app Olio,  and is still trying to work out where to put Tetra Paks in the recycling.

Melissa Case CBE, Coaching

Melissa Case
Melissa is an executive and leadership coach, working mainly with clients in the public, academic and charitable sectors. While as a former policy lead in central government she has experience of trying to influence behaviour change at a systemic level, she is really excited about how coaching can support individuals’ beliefs in their own agency to make the changes they want to see in the world. Melissa is also a mindfulness and yoga teacher, and chair of a small charity focusing on medical education in East Africa.

Janine Chandler, Innovation

Janine Chandler

Janine is an expert in innovation, marketing strategy and supporting leaders in solving complex organisational challenges.

Janine has over 30 years’ experience and was a partner at Good Innovation and Chair of Traverse, a leading market-research consultancy. Janine is currently CEO of Jump in Puddles innovation consultancy and is chair of MyBigCareer. She has formerly held senior positions at Cancer Research UK, the Central Office of Information (COI) and the BBC.

Janine is passionate about helping purpose-led organisations and driving transformational social change. 

Rachel Abbot, Behaviour Change

Rachel Abbot

Rachel is a Director and Social-Behaviour-Change Lead at The Behavioural Architects (TBA).

TBA is a global award-winning insight, research and consultancy business specialising in understanding and influencing behaviour, based on cutting-edge behavioural science and behavioural economics.

Rachel leads work with some of the world’s biggest companies to develop powerful frameworks that fuel deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and ways to change it.

Tuze Mekik, ESG

Tuze Mekik

Tuze is a sustainability specialist and over her 20-year career has focussed on maximising the positive social and environmental impacts of business. She is currently Group Head of Sustainability for Dr Martens plc where her role includes achieving net zero on Source 3 emissions. She has previously held ESG leadership roles in Burberry and Gap, building sustainable supply chains, delivering responsible sourcing and developing codes of conduct and HR tools. She has also acted as a change agent on the ground in factories in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.