How it works

The idea of acting on climate change often triggers images of doom and gloom, restriction and worry. And, while being concerned about climate change is important, we believe acting on climate change should be a positive experience – where you are empowered to do what you can do and where the collective actions of us all can truly drive change.

The Climate Habits programme

Climate change is a well-documented topic and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ocean of information on the internet and in books.

Climate Habits brings together action-orientated information from experts which is presented through personalisable tools, where people select goals that are relevant to their lifestyle.

Over three weeks, participants are asked to set small goals, reconsider habits and think about how to make a bigger impact over time.

Our approach helps participants stay motivated, so they make lifestyle changes that all add up to a greater personal impact on climate change.

People work with a group of colleagues. The group support is invaluable in helping to achieve goals, celebrate success and overcome challenges along the way.

Something else that makes our programme successful is the support of a Climate Habits coach. They will be part of the group’s chat that continues outside of the sessions. They are there to provide reminders, give encouragement and help answer any questions.

After the 3-week programme, people continue to make choices in their day-to-day life that help with Climate Change – looking for opportunities to create bigger individual impact and influence.

How Climate Habits works

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The behavioural theory behind Climate Habits

Climate Habits is a practical, hands-on programme, which requires no expert knowledge or prior experience of acting on climate change. However, behind the programme is tried-and-tested behavioural science which is proven to add up to change. Our approach includes:

Goal setting: Setting clear and achievable goals, helps people focus on what they want to achieve. We also use progressive goals that help people move onto larger achievements.

Accountability: By being person-led and tech-enabled, we help people feel accountable for achieving the goals they set. We build mechanisms into our programme for providing updates and reporting progress. 

Self efficacy: We believe acting on climate change is for everyone not just experts. Climate Habits is designed to help build self-belief and the confidence that everyone can do their bit to help with climate change.

Social identity: We know that when people see people ‘like them’ acting on climate change, they are more likely to take action themselves. Climate Habits brings people together to take individual action.

Reward: Climate Habits is a positive programme which celebrates success. We help make acting on climate change a positive experience.

Priming: We use positive priming to help people recognise when they have opportunities to make choices to help with climate change. This creates impact during and after the programme.

“Climate Habits struck the right balance in proving information that was clear and practical, with useful insight on how to fundamentally change my ways for the good of the Planet. Thank you Climate Habits for taking my environmental habits to the next level.”

Kian, Climate Habits participant