A practical and flexible workplace programme that brings people together to address their personal climate impact

We make the difficult process of changing lifestyle habits easier.

The Climate Habits method takes place over three weeks where we run three one-hour workshops with your team and capture quantifiable action through our app.   

Our app brings together more than 200 lifestyle actions from which people select goals. They are designed for everyone from complete beginners to people already taking action.

Your team have access to a Climate Habits coach throughout the programme who encourages practical action at home through tailored information, facilitated peer support and insights from behavioural science.

Our innovative approach is positive, practical and personalised. We don’t tell people what they should do.  Instead over the three weeks we empower them to understand their behaviour – making small changes that lead to new habits, and greater impact over time.

We spark new relationships, create a common sense of social purpose at work and demonstrate tangible climate action in weeks.

What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

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Our approach

3 week programme

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Weekly 1-hour group sessions providing direction, motivation and accountability


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Our Climate Habits coaches guide groups in person and through optional group chats


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Clear and impartial info that cuts through the confusing climate change landscape

Goal framework

Our proprietary goals framework is proven to create action and change

Personalised app

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Our innovative mobile web app sets personalised goals and actions, and tracks progress in real time

Behavioural science

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Our framework prompts reflection that helps strengthen action and change mindset

“I was challenged to think of, make and report on a change in my habits. The act of ‘doing’ rather than just information really helped.  Even after the initial 3 weeks, I was motivated to keep going and have been proud to influence my family and local community too”

Emma, Climate Habits participant

Why should my organisation use Climate Habits?

Do you need to engage and retain staff with rising expectations about finding purpose and mission at work?

Climate Habits kicks off new relationships at work founded on positivity, personalisation and progress.

Are you adapting to hybrid working and looking to bring your teams together for purposeful connection?

Climate Habits builds bridges across teams making the workplace a positive place to work on climate impact together.

Are you looking for agile programmes to help you demonstrate real-world social value in public procurement, or to investors and stakeholders?

Climate Habits helps you quantify environmental progress in weeks.

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Our journey

Our journey started when we saw that even with the best of intentions people found it too hard to act on climate change.

We’ve brought together a team of specialists in behaviour change marketing, user experience and innovation to shape our programme and tools and deliver at scale.

Discover the Climate Habits Story


Climate Habits isn’t about technology, but it can help

The magic of Climate Habits is in groups of colleagues meeting online, in person or via group chat to inspire and support each other to take practical actions on climate impact. So really the role of tech is just to reduce the barriers to that happening smoothly. Here's three ways we've tried to do that.

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