Our programme combines coaching, digital tools and behaviour-change theory to help people live and work more sustainably

Our sustainability employee-engagement programme helps employers delivers social value and people develop more climate-friendly habits.

We apply decades of learning from health behaviour change, to help people live and work more sustainably. Our three-week, workplace programme combines user-friendly tech, impartial information, coaching and behavioural know-how.

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Why Choose Climate Habits?


Social Value

Demonstrate real-world social value in public procurement, or to investors and stakeholders


Employee Engagement

Engage and retain staff with rising expectations about finding purpose and mission at work


Team and Community Building

Bring teams and communities together for purposeful and enjoyable connection


User-friendly Web App

Secure, user-friendly and accessible technology with no need for new software or downloads


Personalised Programme

Positive, action-focused and personalised programme, not a one-size-fits-all or climate-science training


Agile supplier

Short set-up leadtimes. Ability to deploy in small, medium and large organisations. Approved to supply to UK government

What our Clients Say

“Climate Habits was a great fit for the ARC community of scientists and engineers as it had an innovative, efficient and enjoyable take on sustainable behaviour change. We had a really positive experience – it’s a combination of evidence-based approaches, intuitive tech and real-world collaboration. I went through Climate Habits myself and was impressed – the group was fun to be part of, the tech worked smoothly and I made real progress. We’d be very happy to work with Climate Habits again”.

Dan Metcalfe, Director of Marketing, Communications and Community, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and ARC (Advanced Research Clusters)


“Climate Habits allowed us to trial a new employee benefit for colleagues who wanted to do more about climate change, bringing people together from different teams across the country and got them supporting each other virtually to take action on an issue they cared about.

Sustainability Lead, UK Government Department


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Our approach

Coach-led workshops

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Participants develop and action personalised goals during three one-hour, coach-led workshops over the three week programme

Impartial information

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There are over 200 evidence-based actions for people to chose from in the My.ClimateHabits web app

User-friendly tech

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Our My.ClimateHabits web app is accessible on any device with browser access – phone, laptop or tablet

Behavioural know-how

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We provide behavioural know-how so people are enabled to get started, build new habits and develop greater impact over time

Workshop discussion

About Us

We are a growing team of professionals with deep expertise in behavioural science, technology, coaching and information.

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Climate Habits isn’t about technology, but it can help

The magic of Climate Habits is in groups of colleagues meeting online, in person or via group chat to inspire and support each other to take practical actions on climate impact. So really the role of tech is just to reduce the barriers to that happening smoothly. Here's three ways we've tried to do that.

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